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    Alfalfa Concentrated Drink 叶绿素

    Alfalfa Concentrated Drink 叶绿素
    Alfalfa Concentrated Drink 叶绿素
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    Health benefits of Alfalfa 叶绿素对健康的好处

    Cardiovascular 心血管

    Lower Cholesterol 降胆固醇

    Help Anaemia 帮助贫血

    Increase O2 Level 提高氧气水平

    Proper Blood Clotting 加速凝血

    Urinary 泌尿系统

    Traditionally use as diuretic and treat urinary tract infection 传统用于消除水肿和治疗尿道发炎

    Women's Health 女性健康

    Help for premenstrual syndrome and menstrual pain 帮助经前综合症和经痛

    Relieve menopause symptoms 缓解更年期症状

    3 btls x 500ml =RM150

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