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    KINOHIMITSU Snow Active 5g x15's

    KINOHIMITSU Snow Active 5g x15's
    KINOHIMITSU Snow Active 5g x15's
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    • PUCHONG, Malaysia
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    Kinohimitsu Snow Activ is a perfect whitening formulation to restore your skin fairness from top to toe, including the DARK SKIN at neck lines, underbust lines, underarms, elbows, tummy, knees and inner thighs which are not exposed to sunlight but also darken due to long term skin friction with tight clothing. Reap the nature’s goodness to ensure protection against UV rays and replenish skin nutrients to brighten and smoothen your skin.


    Mix into 80ml of water, preferably before breakfast.


    Blackcurrant Powder, Inulin, Mixed Berries Powder (Raspberry, Elderberry, Strawberry, Blueberry), Marine Collagen Peptide, Torula Yeast Extract, L-Cystine, Acerola Cherry Extract, Sea Buckthorn, Tomato Extract, Mixed Tocotrienols Tocopherol, Sucralose.


    If you are pregnant

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