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    NH Colla Plus 50ml x 16's + 4's

    NH Colla Plus 50ml x 16's + 4's
    NH Colla Plus 50ml x 16's + 4's
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    • PUCHONG, Malaysia
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    NH Colla Plus is a concentrated hydrolyzed marine collagen beauty drink developed specially for Asians. Each refreshing bottle of NH Colla Plus contains 5000 mg of collagen, Vitamin C and red grape juice concentrate to give you gorgeous and picture-perfect skin everyday. Using the latest spray drying technology to break down molecules, this highly concentrated collagen drink is absorbed instantly by cells and penetrates deep into the dermis to stimulate the skin’s collagen production. Within a short period of time, the signs of ageing are diminished and skin becomes noticeably hydrated, firm, supple visibly young and enchantingly radiant

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