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    AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum 40ML

    AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum 40ML
    AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum 40ML
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    AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum 40ml
    Let this serum from AHC brighten and vitalize your skin, with its moisturizing formula that restores the health and vitality of skin. This instant tone-changing serum provides the skin with a healthy radiance. The serum is absorbed rapidly without leaving any sticky residue as it is massaged into the skin. Dry and dull skin are replenished with moisture as its natural pink radiance is revived.


    after cleansing,place 4-6 dashes on your hand or cotton pad and gently apply on face in an upward wiping motion. Or lightly dab untill fully absorbed.


    Palmaria palmata ectract and vitamin C derivatives,pink peony,vital energy complex


    1. If any of the following occur during use of the product, discontinue use immediately: A. Red spots, swelling, itching, general irritation, or other similar abnormalities appear B. Any of the abnormalities above appear after exposure of the application site to direct sunlightContinuing to use the product will cause symptoms to worsen. After discontinuing use, consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional.2. Do not use the product on open wounds or areas with conditions such as eczema or dermatitis.3. Storage and handling precautions A. Fully close the product after each use. B. Do not store above or below room temperature, or in direct sunlight4. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with clean water.

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