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    Pet Wet Wipes - For Ears , Mouth And Eyes

     Pet Wet Wipes - For Ears , Mouth And Eyes
    Pet Wet Wipes - For Ears , Mouth And Eyes
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    • PUCHONG, Malaysia
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    Pet Wet Wipes - For Ears , Mouth And Eyes For wiping pet coat and skin For quick cleaning after trips For cleaning pet messes Size : 20cm x 12.5cm ( 4.9in x 7.9in ) Quantity : 80 sheets ( Unscented ) Quality indication : Sheets : Rayon , Polyester Ingredients: Water , Phenoxyethanol , BG , Sodium benzoate , Glyceeth-26 , Benzalkoniumn chloride , Citric acid , Marine collagen , Green tea extract Made in Japan

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