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    Panasonic Sandwich Maker PSN-NFGW1

    Panasonic Sandwich Maker PSN-NFGW1
    Panasonic Sandwich Maker PSN-NFGW1
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    Panasonic Sandwich Maker PSN-NFGW1

    Satisfy your hunger with delicious sandwiches made easily with the Panasonic NFGW1 for it is a great addition to your kitchen, you’ll get perfect toasted sandwich each time.

    You can even reheat and defrost cold sandwiches from the refrigerator. In a couple of minutes, your sandwiches will be ready for a delightful consumption. It is equipped with an anti-burn plate that is coated with fluorine, so it’ll stay in pristine condition for a long time as well as ensuring your sandwiches is lifted out easily.

    A great feature in this sandwich feature is the drip prevention with steam ventilating holes; the outcome is perfectly shaped and textured sandwiches every time. With a full covered body, there are no parts of the plate sticking out, which may cause unwanted burns.


    Power: 640-760 W
    Dimension (W x D x H):251mm x 242mm x 99mm
    Weight: 2.1kg
    Cord length: 0.9m

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