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    Philips Avance Collection Blender PLP-HR3652

    Philips Avance Collection Blender PLP-HR3652
    Philips Avance Collection Blender PLP-HR3652
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    • PUCHONG, Malaysia
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    Powerful 1400W motor for smoother blends

    Finer blending of fruits and vegetables, thanks to our 1400W motor.

    Advanced ProBlend 6 3D blending technology

    We developed our ProBlend 6 3D technology to ensure that all of the ingredients in your smoothie are finely blended – so the nutrients in fruit, vegetables and nuts are unlocked from the cell structure and easily absorbed by your body.

    Up to 35000rpm

    35000 RPM for excellent blending and even healthier smoothies

    Large glass jar for smoothies you can share

    The large 2-liter jar has a working capacity of 1.5 liters for deliciously blended smoothies to share with the whole family or save for later.

    Manual mode with variable speeds

    From gentle blending for soft fruits – to a burst of power for harder fruit and vegetables. It’s up to you with our variable manual speed options.

    Smoothies preset program

    Smoothies preset program made easy for homemade smoothies.

    Dishwasher safe blender jar

    All detachable parts of your Philips blender are dishwasher safe - except for the blade unit, which can be easily rinsed clean. The base can be wiped clean if needed.

    Detachable blades for easy rinsing

    To clean the blender blades, simply detach them from the blender jar and rinse. However, the blades cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, to preserve their sharpness.

    2-year worldwide warranty

    You enjoy a 2-year worldwide warranty on our blenders – which is our guarantee of long-lasting quality and operation.

    Technical specifications
    Capacity jar: 2 L
    Power: 1400 W
    RPM blender(max): 35000 rpm
    Voltage: 200-230 V

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