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    Philips 1L Blender HR2059/90

    Philips 1L Blender HR2059/90
    Philips 1L Blender HR2059/90
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    • PUCHONG, Malaysia
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    Strong 450W motor for fine results

    Strong 450 W motor for fine blending. From morning smoothies, to sauces and ice crushing was never easier.

    4 stars stainless steel blade

    4 stars stainless steel blade for effective blending and mixing. The newly designed blade will blend and cut soft and hard ingredients and make a perfect smoothies and sauces for you and your family.

    1 Speed & pulse for both soft and hard ingredients like ice

    1 Speed for powerful blending and pulse for ice crushing.

    Integrated power cord storage

    Save space with the handy cord storage system under the housing of the blender.

    All parts are dishwasher safe

    All removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

    With motor overheating protection

    Your Philips blender motor is designed to be protected from overheating and over-current conditions during use

    2 years of world wide guarantee

    Philips offers a full 2 years guarantee for this product to ensure you have long lifetime product to use every day.

    Two break-resistant plastic jars

    Avoid breakages with these two reinforces plastic jars. The 1.2-liter jars have a working capacity of 1 liter.

    Comfortable thumb grip handle

    New handle with thumb grip position to hold and carry the jar easily.

    Mill to grind multiple ingredients

    Mill to grind multiple ingredients like spices, nuts and coffee beans.


    2 Jars

    General specifications
    Number of speed settings: 1
    Product features:
    Dishwasher safe
    Integrated cord storage
    Non-slip feet

    2-year worldwide guarantee: Yes

    Packaging: > 90% recycled materials
    User manual: 100% recycled paper

    Technical specifications
    Capacity jar: 1L
    Power: 450 W

    Color: Black

    Material blade: Stainless steel
    Material jar: Plastic

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